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My 2017 Foodie Bucket List

I’m going to be upfront and say I wasn’t particularly ace at ticking off 2016’s foodie bucket list, friends. I think it was a big crazy year, but also I think I had a small list with some large specific goals.  So here is what I DID accomplish:

  • I learned how to shuck oysters, and then I learned that not all oyster shucking experiences are the same. I’ve shucked about four times this year and each experience varies, no idea why. Sometimes it’s super easy and I’m the Oyster Shucking Queen of the Universe, and sometimes I have sweat dripping down my face and I’ve even resorted to a hammer. A hammer doesn’t work, FYI.
  • I got a smoker for Christmas! So this is being transferred to 2017’s list but I’m giving myself an early high five.
Foodie bucket list - smoking gun auckland cooking classes

2017 Goalz

Okay, that’s it. I know, I suck. So in the spirit of wanting to make 2017 a bit more attainable, I’m going for the good ol’ giant checklist (idea courtesy of Bunny Eats Design), and I will come back to it as the year progresses and reevaluate what I’ve actually accomplished. Some of this I’ve done before but is worth re-visting in 2017, some of it is about wanting to have a more sustainable and less waste year.

  • Smoke all the things with my new smoker. Starting with the smoked roasted baby potatoes I want to copy from Orphan’s Kitchen because holy hell they were delicious. Marginal Success, I can do better, so I’m sort of leaving this on here.
  • Pick strawberries out in West Auckland here at Sweet Red Strawberries in Helensville.
sweet red strawberries - foodie bucket list auckland cooking classes

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Red Strawberries Facebook

  • Pick free avocados at the Avo orchard in Mangere, which until quite recently has been one of Auckland’s best kept secrets. Bring some sort of scissor attached to a stick device as most avocados are high in the trees. Be a good Kiwi and stick to the 5 per person limit. You can find the orchard at the entrance to Otuataua Stonefields.
  • Make homemade cheese. Start with ricotta, but the pinnacle would be burrata.
  • Cook a Julia Child inspired dinner for friends, solely out of my volumes of Mastering the Art of French Cooking.
  • Pizza Crawl.
  • Find the best Fish & Chips in the country.
  • Eat plant based meals at least twice a week. (see title photo for an amazing Peter Gordon veggie salad)
  • Catch a fish and cook it for dinner (going to Great Barrier, so fingers crossed).
  • Learn how to poach eggs that look like little nesty droplets and not ugly messes. Even if ugly messes still taste amazing.
  • Stick to a mainly Mediterranean diet (less red meat, more seasonal veg and seafood).
avondale markets foodie bucket list - auckland cooking classes

Veggies from the Avondale Markets

  • Shop more economically and rely on markets for produce instead of food shopping every day.
  • Create less wastage when cooking. Be inventive, and use the whole vegetable, the whole fish, etc.
  • Get a worm farm. Any recommendations?
  • Dine at Pasture.
pasture parnell - auckland cooking classes

Photo Courtesy of Pasture Facebook

  • Find some new cheap and cheerfuls to do a new blog roundup on my discoveries.
  • Drink more water.
  • Try a food I’ve never eaten before.
  • Find new ways to cook with tarragon, oregano and all the other overflowing herbs I have in my garden.
lemongrass herbs garden - cooking classes auckland

Lemongrass haul form the garden

  • Do a round three Blogger’s Potluck because a bunch of food bloggers getting together cooking stuff is pretty much heaven.
  • Host another Indonesian Rijsttafel (Rice Table) for friends. (Get your RSVP’s in now)
  • Choose a new country and learn how to cook their national dishes.
  • Go to a wine festival.
wine festival - cooking classes auckland

Photo courtesy of Fullers Wine and Food Festival Facebook

I suspect this will be an every growing and evolving list. I would love to hear your thoughts, and if you have any bucket list plans for 2017?

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. I Love the idea of a foodie bucket list! I’m thinking that to get out of my meal time comfort zone I will try this.
    Thanks,Awesome photos by the way!

    1. Post

      Excellent, thanks for reading! I reckon it’s a good way to mix things up and get creative – let me know how you get on 🙂

    1. Post

      Thanks for reading Laura! I figured if I expanded the list this year and put some simple (er) things on it too, that it would become more achievable. Because seriously, if I can’t tick off “drink more water”… I’m in trouble. 😉

    1. Post

      Thanks Georgie! I’m added a link over Rijsttafel since I assume there are lots of people that don’t know. 🙂 It is basically this traditional Dutch/Indonesian meal which has lots and lots of dishes. Sometimes, like 50. But we stick to about 12. They are all pretty traditional, beef rendang, corn fritters, gadogado (veggies in peanut sauce), satay, curry eggs, etc. It is labour intensive but super fun.

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