Cooking Classes Auckland

Hi, I’m Carli.

Up until just recently, I sat at a desk and sold stuff for other people. My days were usually quite stressful. And then I would come home and cook dinner, sometimes after a 10 hour day. And I would LOVE it, look forward to this time, it was almost like meditation for me. Yup. I get it. Most people aren’t me. But here’s the thing: I wasn’t me. Well, at least not cooking me, not ten years ago. Ten years ago, I thought you used the green stalk-y bit of leeks and threw out the white bit. Ten years ago, I relied heavily on packaged sauces/mixes and would never have tried to make tomato sauce from scratch. Ten years ago, I DEFINITELY would not have cooked my own birthday meal for twelve of my closest friends because I actually wanted to. I didn’t even know where to start. It was too hard.

Then, over time I learned that actually, cooking doesn’t have to be hard. It can be fun, but only if you set yourself some realistic expectations. So many cooking books are complicated, not clear and let’s be honest, boring. Or you think you’re going to be Nigella straight away and damn, if it was that easy. Most recipes only give you the end product, so you have to kind of fake it along the way, cross your fingers hard and hope that the end result somewhat resembles the beautiful photo shopped image thing staring back at you. And if it doesn’t? Well you don’t feel like Nigella. Really, you don’t feel particularly inspired to try it again, do you? Cooking can be really intimidating.

So I’m tired of sitting at a desk and want to get my hands dirty. And I’d love for you to join me for cooking classes if you live in Auckland. Cooking is the best, it really is. It’s social, fun, creative and will enhance your life – I promise!

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