Pinot Palooza – A Preview

I’m going to be honest: when I first started getting into wine when I was in my late teens/early 20’s, I wasn’t a huge Pinot Noir fan. There were possibly a couple explanations for this: I’m from Canada, and the Pinot we had access to was either average or too expensive for my part time salary/student budget. The second, and most likely main reason (because of it’s staying power in my memory), was because of my friend Adam*. Adam’s favourite wine was Pinot, and he thought this made him fancy. It probably did make him a bit fancy, as I was buying $6 bottles of VERY bad South African Sauvignon Blanc at the time. Unfortunately Adam also used to store his bottles of wine in his little wine rack which was also directly in front of his window which used to catch the glorious afternoon sun. While this is great for property value, it was not awesome for wine. I vividly remember him pouring me a glass. And it was hot. It was very hot. It was very not good.

Since then (thankfully) both Adam and I have grown up and our tastes in wine have changed, or at least the way we store wine has developed over time. It’s a shame my friend lives on the other side of the world, because he would very much enjoy an event that makes it’s Auckland debut next weekend: PINOT PALOOZA.


Pinot Palooza was created by the awesome team behind Bottle Shop Concepts. You may be familiar with Game of Rhones, which is another baby of theirs and celebrated their second year in NZ last month. I went to GoR and it was awesome. But I am hanging out for Pinot Palooza even more, because in the last year or so I have really started enjoying my pinots. And let’s face it New Zealand. We’ve got some GOOD pinots.

Pinot Palooza details:

When: 3rd September from 1pm-6pm (from 11am for VIPs)

Where: Level 1, Shed 10, Queens Wharf

Cost: $60 or $95 for VIP


This event is different from other wine events. Firstly, the supplier list is incredible: Over 100 of the best pinots from Australia and New Zealand including Neudorf, Rockburn, Te Whare Ra and Ata Rangi. Check out the whole list here. The biggest key difference however, is NO TOKENS. Yep, you pay your entry fee, you are given a beautiful crystal Plumm RedB wine glass (actual glass because you are an adult), and you go around chatting with all the enthusiastic suppliers and sampling the wines. No catch. It makes the event so much more enjoyable when you don’t have to deal with tokens. Also it means you can drink all the wines, so go hard grasshoppers.


The other great things about Pinot Palooza: it’s at Shed 10 (awesome venue), Bird on Wire is supplying the food (VIP members receive food tokens, otherwise meals are between $12-$16ish) and we’ve been promised rockin’ tunes. I have a bunch of friends who will be attending as well, so I’m really looking forward to the afternoon, and you can join us by purchasing your ticket HERE.


I would suggest getting a VIP ticket, we did this for Game of Rhones and it gives you an additional two hours before the crowds descend so you can have really great conversations with all the wine makers and I felt like I could take my time, it was so luxurious. The VIP ticket also gives you a food voucher and access to three wine tastings at the Burgundy Bar which sounds very fancy.

Grab an Uber and see you next Saturday!


*names have not been changed.  hah.


All photos courtesy of Bottle Shop Concepts

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