The Auckland Food Show – Eating All The Things

I was driving home from the Food Show in the worst storm. You know what I mean, your windscreen wipers are cranked to full , you can barely make out the car in front of you and you turn down your music to concentrate because that makes total sense at the time. It’s winter in Auckland ya’ll. It kinda sucks. But it kinda doesn’t suck because there are so many fun events that happen around this time of year: New Zealand Film Festival, Restaurant Month is nearly upon us, and the glorious Food Show. The glorious, glorious Food Show. A zillion (approx) local suppliers, all under one roof (rain proof) showcasing their wares. I love it. It seems like it’s going to be a particularly good event this year with a lot of new businesses and stalls compared to last year. (Just don’t get trapped by the dude trying to sell you time shares. For real.)

Here’s the facts. And some tips.

Auckland Food Show runs: 

Friday to Sunday: 10am – 6pm except Sunday, closes at 5pm.


ASB Showgrounds (217 Greenlane West)

It will cost you:

$28 Adults

$15 Children (under 12) – under 5’s Free


  • Don’t pay $10 for parking. Park in Cornwall Park or behind ASB Showgrounds for free. The earlier you are, the more likely you’ll find a spot closer to the grounds. If you park farther away just turn on Pokemon Go and hatch those eggs on your way in, you clever thing.
  • Or take the bus? Then you can sample all the wines, beers and limoncello. To be honest I don’t know how hard it is to take the bus so this might not be a very good tip.
  • Bring a comfy carry bag. You can buy one there but your old Countdown bag will totally suffice. If you are hardcore bring a trolley bag. This is one of the only times you won’t be judged for making a decision like this. I mostly promise.
  • Check out the times for the cooking demos ahead of time so you don’t miss out on seeing your favourite chef.

2016 Food Show Highlights:




L’Authentique make fab pates, and have two new flavours – cracked pepper and chicken & sage. I bought them both.


All the goodies they had on hand.



Harney & Sons make GREAT NZ teas


I bought Lapsang Souchong last year (smoky black tea), this year I bought an Irish Breakfast. I’m all about straight black teas at the moment.


House of Dumplings – 2 for $3



These kids were from a local school taking part in a NZ Trade and Enterprise competition as finalists with 3 other schools. Selling homemade peanut butter with a portion of the proceeds going to KidsCan. (Yum peanut butter as well!)



I buy Genoese pesto all the time so it was a good time to stock up on a show special!


Honeycomb <3



Sambal of the Gods – delicious fresh and spicy. I recommend.


Because a trip to the Food Show would not be complete without some oysters.


All the oysters!


$10 for 4 Mahurangi Oysters


Got Pasta Food Truck



Be Nourished selection of sauerkraut – highly recommended. We eat all of these.


I experimented and bought the raw sauerkraut juice – packed with fermented goodness and great for your belly. Mix through salad dressings, or drink a shot on it’s own. Tastes yummy. Full on. But yummy.



The Sisters wine – The ladies were so lovely and the wines delicious (and good value – $15 for the rose). And you get a small treat with every purchase as well.



What was your favourite part of this year’s show?

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    2. Hey,
      The honeycomb is $20 and is in the Taste of Auckland stand – Happy Valley honey they are opposite the waiheke water and the pizza oven place – delicious!

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