The World’s Best Restaurants: A Foodie Wishlist

As mentioned in a previous post, the World’s Best Restaurants list was announced recently. I’ve been super fortunate to have visited a few, but there are plenty that I still have my eye on. So, I’ve created a slobbering mess of food envy with my wishlist below. Here are some of the best restaurants in the world that have made my bucket list. Warning: eat before reading.

Number 2: El Celler de Can Roca

(Girona, Spain)

el celler de can roca

Credit: El Cellar de Can Roca Facebook 

These guys held the number one restaurant spot last year. The Roca brothers seem so cool. One’s a chef, one’s a sommelier, and one’s a patisseriere. Spanish food like you’ve never seen it, in a provincial town, in a beautiful stone building. When you arrive, you’re given a small selection of tastings, demonstrating flavours from around the world. This is the first introduction into what the restaurant has to offer in terms of presentation and technique. Think, small ball of frozen spiced fish stock coated in cocoa butter. Pigeon, hake and pig’s trotters also feature.

Fun fact: They have created some dishes and desserts based on perfumes  (Calvin Klein, Lancome and Bulgari as some examples) and from this, a perfume has been released by the restaurant itself, called Nuvol de Ilimona. It was based on a dessert served at the restaurant called Lemon Distillation, and was developed to spray as a mist over the diners as they ate the dish. Weird. But awesome.

Signature Dish: Iberian suckling pig

el celler de can roca 2

Credit: El Cellar de Can Roca Facebook

el celler de can roca 3

Credit: El Cellar de Can Roca Facebook


Number 5: Noma

(Copenhagen, Denmark)

noma 3

Credit: Noma Facebook

Probably unlikely ever to check this one off as Noma is actually closing at the end of 2016. After watching the documentary “A Perfect Storm”, and seeing the gorgeous Scandinavian foods plated up by Rene Redzepi, I would love to experience this. Denmark is just… a little far away. The focus is foods that can only be found in the surrounding areas, a lot of them foraged. So regardless of where they cook, they stick to this – an example, they brought the restaurant to Melbourne for six months and only used local Aussie ingredients. When the restaurant closes next year, they will be continuing the sustainable food trend by opening an urban farm.

Signature Dish: The Hen and The Egg. Diners are invited to prepare it themselves. A plate of slightly wet hay is served, with a 280-degree-hot pan on top. You add some hay-infused oil to the pan, and then crack a wild duck egg into it. When instructed, you add thyme butter into the pan and then sauté a few wild ramsons and spinach leaves. After three and a half minutes, a chef brings over a saucepan of wild ramsons sauce, which he spoons over the cooked egg. You then sprinkle herbs and wild plants over the egg dish, and crumble some potato chips overtop. This imaginative creation reflects sensory aromas of the natural Danish landscape. Just your average dish, no big deal.


Credit: Noma Facebook

noma 2

Credit: Noma Facebook

noma 4

Credit: Noma Facebook

Number 19: Arpège

(Paris, France)


Credit: Arpege Facebook

We came so close to going here. We had the reservation. It was confirmed. We woke up in the morning excited for the experience. And then we both got norovirus. I remember making the decision to cancel and eating pizza instead. It was a good call at the time, but I would love another opportunity to experience this unique style of dining. French food with a heavy focus on vegetables. No red meat on the menu, and all the veggies picked fresh that day – As chef Alain Passard says: “never seeing the back of a refrigerator”.

Signature Dish: “Hot-cold egg” of warm poached yolk with sherry vinegar-infused whipped cream, chives and Canadian maple syrup.

arpege 2

Credit: Arpege Facebook

arpege 3

Credit: Arpege Facebook

Number 27: Saison

(San Francisco, USA)

saison 2

Credit: Saison Facebook

A nightly changing tasting menu of up to 18 courses. Would it be appropriate to wear my stretchy pants for this one?  Also, Saison is in one of the best cities in North America – San Francisco. Also I’ve never eaten sea urchin and the famous “Liquid Toast” dish would probably be a good place to start. Here’s a great example of a restaurant that started off as a pop up, seven years later – bam. The interaction between the kitchen and the diners seems really cool as well with the chefs coming out to present each dish.

Signature Dish: ‘Liquid Toast,’ a glazed sea urchin served on crusty bread soaked in a rich sauce of grilled bread and dusted with a powder of river vegetables; or barbecued celeriac, which is slow-cooked in the fireplace for three days.

saison 3

Credit: Saison Facebook

Number 29: Tickets

(Barcelona, Spain)


Credit: Tickets Facebook

The best restaurant in my favourite city in the world? PLEASE. I always eat well in Barcelona but I’m tempted by what sounds like a circus show. The chef is related for Ferran Adria and the dessert area is described as a modern day Candyland.  Plus it’s supposed to be tapas galore. Why wouldn’t you want to go?

Signature Dish:  Liquid olive. Olive juice from perfectly handpicked olives is transferred into a solid olive through a spherification process with calcium chloride, alginate, and xanthan gum.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 3.02.06 pm

Credit: Tickets Facebook

tickets 4

Credit: Tickets Facebook

tickets 3

Credit: Tickets Facebook

Number 60: Hedone

(London, UK)


Credit: Hedone Facebook

I’m curious how a restaurant in Chiswick is one of the best in the world. I’m only familiar with the pubs in the area but am excited to see that it’s changed since I lived there ten years ago. I never make it back out this way when I visit London now, and I need to change this on my next visit. The coolest part of this restaurant, is that Mikael Jonsson was a food blogger before opening this restaurant, swapping a computer for chef’s whites. So cool.

Signature Dish: Liquid Parmesan ravioli with a sweetcorn consommé, mild horseradish emulsion and guanciale (cured Italian pork cheeks).

hedone 2

Credit: Hedone Facebook

hedone 3

Credit: Hedone Facebook


Have a look at the list yourself and comment below on which ones you would love to experience!

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