Where to find Bluff Oysters in Auckland this season

*2017 update, everything is current for this year’s Bluff Oyster season which begins 3rd March*


Oh friends. Haven’t you heard the good news? It’s the start of March! And you know what that means…. BLUFF OYSTER SEASON!

If you’re rewriting your entire monthly schedule to fit in as many of these beautiful suckers as you can, and you live in the City of Sails, then check out my round up below: The best places to eat bluffies this season. Ps. I’ve cleared my calendar, so I’m waiting for your invitations to roll in now…


22 Princes Wharf, Auckland Viaduct (09-309 9866)

Euro Bar - Bluff Oysters

Seven days a week you can get a dozen freshly shucked Bluff oysters in the half shell for $19.95 (from noon till 3pm). There’s a limit of one dozen per person so make sure to bring an oyster hating friend so you can gorge on their share. This starts the 3rd of March and runs until the end of the month. They are also doing The Great Bluff Lunch, seven courses and 4 champagnes (including Cristal, you fancy thing). You can find more info here.

Tyler Street, Britomart (09-302 9888)
Ostro - Bluff Oysters

Grab a seaside view and nab a dozen bluffie babies for $25 when you make a lunch or dinner booking. You can also grab a glass of Cloudy Bay Pelorus and three oysters for $20 if you want to bask in the sun on The Deck. This place is heaving with people no matter the time of day, and cheap oysters won’t help so definitely book ahead.

124 Ocean View Road, Oneroa, Waiheke (09-372 2222)
 The Oyster Inn - Bluff Oysters

If you’re already on the island it would be silly to pass these up, and if not, a boat ride to Waiheke will be icing on the oyster cake when you gobble these bad boys up. For 2017 they’ve put together a bluffie special for the 3rd/4th of March:  a dozen bluff oysters and two glasses of Veuve Clicquot for $75 – reservations required. Also, I know it’s weird to recommend mac and cheese when it’s a seafood restaurant, but my lawd I’m pretty sure I’ve never eaten anything so decadent.

104 Fanshawe Street, Auckland CBD (09-379 4209)
 Rockefeller Oyster Bar - Bluff Oysters

Oyster bar is in the name of the restaurant so these guys will definitely have bluffies on hand but as 1st March they don’t have prices up yet. I’ve only been here a few times now and it is usually quite busy with the corporate lunch crowd. Around dinner is mellows down, so you should be able to find a table (they do take bookings though) and kick back with their self described “luxury punk”. Do tell me how that goes.

86 Federal Street, Auckland CBD (09-363 7048)
 Depot Oyster Bar - Bluff Oysters
My favourite place for shellfish, but you may risk your pick being sold out on the night so ask ahead or poke your head in and see what they have in stock and what the prices are (I remember them hovering around $5-6/each). Last time we went they were out of all Bluff oysters but it wasn’t that sad because they served us the most giant tuatuas instead.

Market Square, Viaduct Harbour (09-377 0125)
 Oyster and Chop - Bluff Oysters

If you’re in the viaduct and you’ve already sampled the ones from Euro, head across the water to Oyster & Chop and check out their March Bluff special: three Bluff oysters and a glass of Cloudy Bay wine for $20. Eat and drink in the bar or take them waterside. Sweet.

23b Westhaven Drive, Westhaven (09-307 5979)
 Swashbucklers - Bluff Oysters
Aww Swashies. Rock up to this seafood institution and fill yourself up. Not sure of cost, but their pacific oysters are always really reasonably priced ($26/dozen) so I’m going to suspect the same. Sit outside on the marina (the pub side), order some calamari and a round of beers and your Friday will be sorted.

If possible, I would suggest making a booking for all the above (unless they don’t take bookings, like Depot). It gets cray at Bluff Oyster season peeps. GET IT? CRAY? A SHELLFISH JOKE.
 All images are courtesy of the restaurants above.

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      Thanks Georgie! I think best value for money is probably Euro since they’re under $20 and you don’t need to buy anything extra for that. I usually go to Euro about 4 times a year and all of those are during oyster season 🙂

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  1. heyyyyyy seeing you are in the know…… where can I purchase bluffies in the 1/2 shell in Auckland to take home.

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