All I Want For Christmas: Gift Ideas For Foodies

Do you have a Secret Santa coming up and have no idea what to buy for them? Significant other who loves getting down and dirty in the kitchen?  (Because they are mixing dough with their hands or something, come on guys).  When I Google “Foodie Christmas Gifts” most of the suggestions are really dumb. Think, use once and put in the cupboard to collect dust dumb. Or just dumb. So from $10, all the way up to HOW MUCH $$?!, here’s a list of items any foodie would be happy to receive (and that they will actually use). Pro tip: click the photos to be redirected to the websites, order online from most and BAM, Xmas shopping is done and you didn’t even have to leave the couch, you smart little thing.


Lemon Squeezer  $9.99NZD

I put lemon in most things, but I’m also really good at accidentally squeezing the seeds into whatever I’m making as well (surprise!). I was invited to a cocktail making class with Bombay Sapphire a few months ago and was given a lemon squeezer as a gift. Honestly it is the bomb. And although I know the main reason it was gifted was to make a mean G&T (check), I’ve also used it when I need lemon in a meal I’m cooking. It’s so handy and even though I think I’m He-Man and can squeeze every last drop out of a lemon, the truth is I can’t. This is much more efficient.


Herb Scissors: $12.99NZD

I was given these as a gift last year and they are really cute and super helpful if you have an overflowing herb garden like I do at the moment. Grab a handful of basil or chives and use the scissors to chop directly on top of your pasta or into your sauce. Just don’t try using them as normal scissors in a moment of desperation or you’ll be picking out bits between the blades. So I hear.

herb sciss


Yoghurt Maker $21.50NZD

We buy the most delicious Greek yoghurt from Zany Zeus but it’s $12 a container and we go through a lot. I’m thinking of making my own to see if I can compete and cut down on the yoghurt costs. A fun idea, it seems pretty straight forward and un-messy. Also EIGHT KILOS OF YOGHURT, you can try hawking the extra at the county fair.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 2.08.33 pm


Mortar & Pestle from $26.50NZD

We have a small mortar & pestle and a large one. I probably use the smaller one a bit more but either size would be super handy for a foodie that doesn’t already own one of these suckers. If you’re making a dry rub, crushing seeds to add to a beef rendang, or you just feel like a pretty paperweight in the kitchen, this gift is for you.



Stainless Steel Tumblers:  $24.95USD

I really like the water tumblers Depot uses, but after some half-arsed research it appears it’s really hard to find similar cups in NZ. So these are from Amazon. Stainless steel tumblers are awesome as they keep your water chilled for longer, they don’t smash when you drop them and also they look really cool. And who doesn’t want to look really cool sipping on their sweet sweet water?



Mandolin $49.99NZD

If you are making potato dauphinoise without one of these babies, good luck. Other frequent uses, fennel, celeriac, carrot – I love this sucker. It’s also easy to wash but for the love of everything good please use the safety device. Unless you like skin salad.


Sodastream Play $89.99NZD

I used up all my FlyBuys and got a Sodastream Play a few months ago and it’s the best thing ever. Lasts for ages, easy to use and clean and never ending soda water. Also less 1.5L bottles to recycle. Use that fancy lemon squeezer, pop in some novelty ice cubes and you are set for summer my friends.


WineFriend from $99.00NZD

You can take the guesswork out of wine buying with this new-ish NZ company, WineFriend. Basically, you go on their website, fill in a survey that will create a taste profile and then choose other details like price, frequency, how many red wines vs. white wines you want. They match the wines to what you’ve said you like and the idea is that you will be able to try varietals and brands you’ve never heard of or never thought to try. And at the very least, this is wine delivery. To your door. So you will automatically win the Best Present Ever award. Click here for more details.


Glass Tea Pot (and warmer) $140NZD

I was gifted a box of beautiful flowering teas not long ago. We have a coffee press, so if I tilted it at a certain angle I could kind of see the tea flowering. What would be more ideal is one of these beautiful glass tea pots (think the ones they serve tea in at Blue Breeze). Makes a great (classy) party trick.



Smoking Gun: $240NZD

Remember that website The Smoking Gun? (Oh that’s funny, it actually still exists). This is more of a literal smoking gun, but it’s on my wishlist so I reckon anyone who has watched Masterchef Australia over the last four or so years would totally want one too. Smoked duck breast? Check. Smoked salmon? Check. Smoked anything? YES YOU CAN.

the Smoking Gun-500x500

Crystal Champagne Coupe  $195USD

I have been looking for vintage champagne coupe (coupes?) everywhere. Here’s the super expensive extravagant option if you like Waterford Crystal and don’t mind shipping from the States. Otherwise be patient and have a nosey around your local antique shops, I’ve been told they do appear. And when you find them, put on your flapper dress, comb that extreme side part in your hair and pour a glass while pretending you’re in The Great Gastby.

waterford crystal

Any other ideas? What’s the best food related present you’ve ever gifted or been gifted?


All links and prices are correct as of date published but may change because, life.

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  1. Cool round up. I love the smoking gun! Seems like a lot of fun to be had. For my birthday this year, I got given some fresh whitebait, a leg of ham and a degustation. I also got some non-edible gifts that were great, but I do love just straight up food. Harder to wrap and put leave under a Christmas tree though!

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      I love that gift. Edible gifts are awesome. I made food baskets for the family last year, a mix of my favourite stuff from Farro and homemade sauces etc. I’m thinking about doing it again this year but it takes up so much time and is actually pretty $$!

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  2. I’ve ignored so many Christmas Gift lists in my blog feed already so great to come across one that’s useful and I was amped to read! Some FAB ideas in here – someone is gonna start getting some hints about those Crystal Champagne Coupes, I really want some!

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  3. I have more than a few of these in my kitchen and I love them! The one I use most is the Sodastream Play, which was a gift from me to me. We use it all the time to have sparkling water, which means I don’t drink soda. Add some lemon and it’s so refreshing.

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  4. I’ve never seen those herb scissors before but they are genius!! My sister is a foodie so I’ll definitely be hunting for those- she lives overseas too so I’m finding sites that will wrap and post 😛 I know everyone uses apps and keeps blogs these days, but I love an old fashioned (and beautiful) recipe diary or restaurant guide that you fill in yourself!

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  5. You have a good list here. I really should get fresh herbs. My mum gave me herb scissors last year but I haven’t really used it. I like the yogurt maker too. I’ve just recently started liking yogurt so I’m interested to make one myself as I’m quite picky. For glass teapots, you can get really pretty ones in T2 as well.

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      We have tons of herbs outside, but maybe ask for a little indoor garden to give your herb scissors a workout? I find herbs are so expensive in the shop and I go through sooo much. Apart from my coriander it’s all growing so fast. Almost… too fast 😉

  6. Haha. Love the part about the Smoking Gun and OMG I used to love that website , remember years ago it went through that giant popularity surge. Clicking onto it, brought back some memories

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