The Best Auckland Restaurants that are Open During the Holidays

It’s nearly that time of year. Everyone goes full swing into crazy mode, wrapping paper looks like it’s exploded everywhere, little Jimmy has mashed his potatoes all over the carpet and although it seemed like a good idea at the time, those Christmas crackers with the glitter inside have you googling the inventor (so you can track them down and strangle them). THESE SHOULDN’T EXIST.

So what do you do? Your first thought might to flee the city during the holiday period, but guess what- everyone does that. If you’d like a quiet relaxing Jimmy-free holiday break (send him to the grandparents in Thames), it might pay to stay in Auckland this Christmas period. And guess what else? Not everything shuts down in the city, if anything now is the best time to try some of those bucket list restaurants since the mass chaos has exited the building. The one minor annoying detail is that every restaurant has different opening hours during the Christmas/January holiday period, and yes there are some that close their doors for weeks.

I’ve done something nice (consider this your not so secret Xmas pressie), and compiled a list of some of the best restaurants in the city whose doors will be open, minus the crowd. You can go and dine without waiting in a queue, enjoy incredible food, and then leave without worrying about whether the crusty plates will get washed or not. There may even be one or two on this list that will cook your Christmas dinner for you.

Check ’em out, and merry ho ho, yo.



The Blue Breeze Inn

blue breeze

146 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby

Closed: 25 & 26 December and 1 & 2 January

Open: 27 Dec – 31 December and from 3 January, normal hours.




226 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby

Closed: 25 & 26 December

Open: 1st January from 5pm. All other times open and business as usual (midday till late).




57 Fort Street, CBD

Closed: 25 & 26 December and 1st & 2nd January

Open: At this point every other day but they did say they may squeeze another holiday day in.


Dear Jervois

Dear Jervois

234 Jervois Road, Herne Bay

Closed:  25 & 26 December and 1 & 2 January

Open: 27 December – 31 December and from 3rd January, 7am to 4pm week days and 8am to 4pm weekends.




13 St Mary’s Road, St Mary’s Bay

Closed: 24 –  27 December, 1 – 3 January

Open: 28  – 31 December (8am – 3pm), 4 January (8am – 3pm), 5 Jan onwards – regular hours.


Woodpecker Hill

Woodpecker Hill

196 Parnell Road, Parnell

Closed: 25 –  28 December, 1 – 4 January

Open: Christmas Eve (normal hours), 29 – 31 December (Dinner only on the 29th, every other day regular hours),  5 January onwards.




160 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby

Closed: 25 – 27 December

Open: 24 Dec, 28 December – 3 January from 5pm – late, normal hours resume from the 4th.




Corner of Jellicoe Street & Fish Lane, North Wharf

Closed: 25 – 28 December

Open: From 29 December onwards, normal hours.


little bird

little bird

Ponsonby: Corner Ponsonby Rd & Summer Street

Britomart: 14 Custom Street East, CBD

Summer Street and Britomart Unbakery locations:

Closed: 25 – 26 December, 1 January

Open: 27 – 31 December, 2 January onwards.

(Note: Kingsland Unbakery will be closed 25 December -6 January exclusively)




86 Federal Street, CBD

Closed: 25 December, 4 – 12 January

Open: 26 – 28 December from 4pm, 29 – 31 December from 11am, 1 – 3 January from 4pm


Madam Woo

Madam Woo

486 Lake Road, Takapuna

Closed: 25 & 26 December

Open: Noon till late all other days.


Xuxu Dumpling Bar


Corner Galway & Commerce Street, CBD

Closed: 25 – 29 December, 1 – 3 January

Open: 29 – 31 December, normal hours from 4 January.




90 Federal Street, CBD

Closed: For lunch 25 & 26 December and 9 January

Open: Every day, except lunch for the above dates.


The Sugar Club

Sugar Club

Level 53, Sky Tower, Federal Street, CBD

Closed: Lunch 26 – 30 December

Open: Every day, except lunch for the above dates.




279 Queen Street, CBD

Closed: 24 & 25 December, 1 January

Open: 26 – 31 December, 2 January onwards. Open at noon every day, closed 10:30pm weekdays/Sundays, 11:45pm on Fri/Sat.


El Sizzling Chorizo

El sizzling

136-138 Ponsonby Central, Ponsonby Road

Closed: 24 December early close at at 5pm. Closed 25 & 26 December, 1 & 2 January.

Open: 27 – 31 December, 3 January onwards.


Miss Moonshines


Lot 3, Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby

Closed: 25 December, 1 & 2 January

Open: Regular hours all other days.


Know of any great restaurants open during the holiday period? Comment below!


Photos used courtesy of the businesses mentioned above.


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