Enthusiastic Food of the Week – Round 2


It’s time for another weekly* instalment of “Enthusiastic Food of the Week”!


(*I know this is only the second time I’ve done this, but let’s pretend I’m more organised.)




Zany Zeus have an entire range of cheeses and cultured products. My favourites are the greek yoghurt (thick and traditional, and miles ahead of any other yoghurt I’ve eaten in NZ which says it’s Greek yoghurt), and the creme fraiche. This creme fraiche tastes amazing, and is really thick in consistency which I love. Fold it through a pasta sauce, add it to a dessert or mix through hot smoked salmon, dill and lemon rind and it’s the easiest and yummiest dip ever. You can buy from Farro or Sabato for around $6.



If you haven’t yet ventured to Westmere Butchers, GO NOW. RUN. NO SERIOUSLY RUN IT GETS REALLY BUSY. I love this place, and the variety of sausages, chops, chicken, meat pies, biltong is seemingly endless. It’s always packed, but you will get served efficiently from one of the personality packed butchers behind the counter. If you’re making beef wellington, it’s the best place to grab a big ol’ chunk of meat. If you want to make the best spag bol in the world, substitute your typical mince for the fennel sausage from above (I also use this sausage meat in my Terrine recipe). Mix through some chilli, the Zany Zues creme fraiche already mentioned and lotsa parmesan cheese. Thank me later. $16/kg.



Oh little bird. With your glorious sprouted bread and grawnola, you are killing me with all your tasty goodness that I need to buy less regularly for fear of going bankrupt. And then you go and make salad clusters, which is like the grawnola but for salad. It’s so delicious and adds that needed crunch to any salad. Buy at Farro or little bird for $9.00.



The whole Be Nourished range of sauerkrauts and kimchi are delicious. They offer five different flavours of sauerkraut, with my favourite two being the Helena Bay and Ruby Perfection as well as a kimchi with BITE.  These little jars of fermented goodness are just that as well – GOOD for you, raw and unpasteurized superfood. (Pasteurizing destroys the enzymes and probiotic bacteria which are good for the belly). I eat a scoop on it’s own or as a side with a meal – like veal sausages and kale chips. You can buy at NOSH, Farro or Little Bird and a jar will cost around $12.



I’ve been eating Waiheke Herb Spread for awhile but I thought I’d share the secret if you haven’t heard of how yum it is. They pack in so many different bits: locally grown fresh parsley, organic NZ Coral Tree apple cider vinegar and Pacific Sea Salt, fresh organic herbs – rosemary, nasturtium, dandelion, plantain, NZ spinach, oregano, thyme, sage, lavender. You can buy it with or without garlic, I prefer the without garlic one because it tastes more unique. Use in pasta sauce, on steak, veggies. Buy at New World or Farro for around $8-9.



I’ve never been able to find a proper North American pickle in New Zealand. UNTIL NOW. McClure’s Pickles are the bad boy pickles on the block – exactly like the ones served next to your reuben at a deli in NYC. Crispy, spicy, zingy, mouth wateringly good. And I didn’t realise this until I looked at the nutrition facts but also really really healthy for you. Like nearly zero calories per serving healthy. Save your pocket money, these will set you back $20 from Farro – but. They will be worth it if you crave a proper pickle. No sugary yucky fakers allowed.



Okay, I know you can’t eat a Soda Stream but GUYZ LOOK I GOT A SODA STREAM. I’m pretty excited about this, as we were going through tons of bottles of soda water from the shop. Less rubbish, yusss. Unlimited sodiesss, yussss. I bought the tonic flavouring as well so I can have G&T’s, but a slice of lemon and a few ice cubes is always the best. I’ve been told that this newer version is way better than the older one. Retails for $139 from Noel Lemming and comes in fancy colours like yellow and red as well. If you’re like me and forget you collect FlyBuys, you might be able to grab one for FREE. Very pleased.

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  1. I love Westmere Butchers. They are the greatest! I used to visit once a month with a big list and fill up our freezer. But somehow I’ve acquired way too many things in our freezer and can no longer do this monthly meat spree. I love their sausages and their pork pies were always a nice shopping day snack.

    I’ll have to look out for some of these other goodies too, especially those fancy pickles. The Koala is obsessed with pickles but the ones we have been buying have been below average. $20 a jar though…I’ll have to think on that.

    1. Post

      I only have a itty bitty freezer so I can’t do that. Sad face. I think they have the nicest lardon as well which is a weird thing to say is the nicest, but it frys up nice and crispy and is dead cheap, like $5 for a massive pack – better than streaky bacon!

      $20 for pickles sounds ridic, I know. But honestly they are a hallelujah moment when you eat one. Special occasion treats, some ppl spend $20 on cake or chocolate – I spend it on pickles. 😀

  2. Two hands up for that sodastream, the best investment I’ve ever made and I’m so happy to be kinder to the environment (and my wallet). We recently upgraded to a fancier one and it takes a 60L gas canister which *obnoxiously* I seem to have to go to the mall to replace. Ugh. Maybe I’ll have to make a detour to Westmere Butchers…

    1. Post

      oh that’s really good to know Meagan. My soda stream is capable of taking a 60L and I only have to pay for the additional gas If I swap it from my 30L but if I can’t replace it as easily I might not bother upgrading! Any suggestions on fun things to make other than G&T’s and straight sparkling? x

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