Eggs, glorious eggs.

Oh my lawd, I love eggs.

I was going to incorporate eggs into my post on food obsessions, but that was more about short term food love affairs and this is one serious monogamous relationship I’ve got going with eggs. Is there anything greater than eggs? The answer is no. There is not. Stop fighting it. I eat eggs almost every day, in one form or another. Fried on toast for breakfast, mixed through a pasta sauce or homemade scotch eggs (recipes below, settle down). They’re also not the unhealthy baddie of the food world anymore. Actually, the opposite – studies have shown eggs are good for you and will not in fact, significantly affect levels of cholesterol. It’s kind of like the whole butter fiasco where people ran scared and started eating margarine instead. (To each their own man, but that shiz seems gross). However, go easy partner, everything in moderation. The actual article I’m referring to is here, which I won’t paraphrase any more of but you can read at your own leisure, make up your own mind. And once you’ve decided eggs are the best thing since sliced bread (which also goes well with eggs) –  then hop on the ol’ egg wagon!

Heidi the egg

This is my sister, who is also really enthusiastic about eggs.

Actually that’s a lie. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: “I’m writing a blog about eggs. Can I use this photo please?”

Sister: “Only if you clarify that food eggs give me the creeps. That’s a chicken’s baby!”

Me: “I like that your aversion is only to food eggs. Not…. other kinds of eggs.”

Sister: “Shut up”.

A couple tips or facts on cooking eggs:

1. No one eats or makes fried eggs the same way. Gooey film on top and the snotty thing in plain view. Mmm… no thanks. Rock hard yolk. Stop talking to me. My fail safe, is to use a good pan and chuck a tiny bit of butter in the bottom (BUTTER AND EGGS OMG). Don’t crank the heat, medium will do. Crack a couple eggs in the pan and then THE SECRET. Take a pot cover and put it on your fry pan and steam the top of those suckers. It means the eggs cook like normal but that glazed over goo gets cooked as well. And the yolks are still yolky and drippy and delicious. Like this:

IMG_5200 IMG_5201 IMG_5202

2. You can’t screw up a boiled egg. Seriously. You have? I make no judgements, I make mistakes all the time. But… explain this to me. I got distracted yesterday and accidentally boiled my eggs for an hour and they still turned out fine. Happy accident! If you are particular about wanting a softer boiled egg, then stick a timer on and follow these instructions: Wait until the water is at a rolling boil and then pop eggs in for two minutes = Soft Boil! 4 1/2 minutes: Medium Boil! Otherwise just boil. Take out when they seem ready. Or when you remember you’re boiling eggs. Works for me! I find it so much easier to peel eggs under cold running water. The shell will come off in a couple pieces instead of fiddling around with it.

3. Poached eggs. I can’t for the life of me poach an egg. Can someone help me? (I realise this is less a tip or fact, and more so an admission of incompetence from someone who writes a food blog.)

4. Free range eggs all the way. Seriously, have you seen the conditions of crate hens? It’s pretty crap. Also, free range eggs just taste better. Scientific fact. The only challenge is trying to navigate your way through all the “happy hen” and so and so approved ticks which don’t mean anything about actual free range when you do the research. I eat Otaika Valley Free Range eggs. I follow them on Facebook, their farm is up in Northland and they seem really cool. Also, they are very reasonably priced compared to other brands (You can buy 20 from New World or Farro for $10). Check them out here.

So here are my two favourite egg dishes at the moment, if this has made you inspired. They are pretty egg-cellent. (Come on like I wasn’t going to throw in an egg-ceptional egg pun?!)

Egg and Parmesan Pasta

– Dried pasta of your choice (I like fusilli best at the moment)

– 2 x EGGS per serving size

– About 150g of widely grated parm

– Two garlic cloves

– Olive oil

– Quarter chilli pepper

– Sea salt/pepper

I always boil a jug of water and then pop it in the pot, because our stovetop is pretty gutless and also I’m usually really hungry when I make this so it’s more efficient. Once the water is boiling, pop in a tsp salt and your pasta. Chop up your garlic however you’d like, you’re frying it so if you want crunchy pieces, leave it a little bigger. I mince mine up into rustic sized pieces. (Tip: When you say something is rustic, no one can be critical.) I grow chilli peppers in my garden, and I love spice, so I usually throw in a quarter of one of these too which I try and chop up really fine as they pack a lot of heat.

IMG_5217 IMG_5219

Put a large fry pan on another burner with some olive oil and toss in the garlic and chilli. Brown off slightly, and throw in a pinch of  salt and pepper. Crack a couple eggs into a bowl and whisk up with about two tablespoons of water. Grate your parmesan. Check your pasta. I’m a firm believer in al dente pasta, so I never go by the time on the box, rather I burn my mouth by testing it as I go. When it’s still got the tiniest bit of crunch, I’d take it off the heat and drain it. Dump the cooked pasta into your pan of garlic and chilli, add a bit more olive oil and stir. If the pan is still hot, I would take it off the heat, and then add your egg mixture. This way it will coat the pasta and cook, but you won’t have scrambled egg pasta. Once the egg is mixed through, add the cheese. Bingo. Enjoy.

Scotch Eggies + Remoulade

I never used to like scotch eggs. I’m not a huge fan of cold egg, or cold sausage. However when you make these bad boys yourself, they are warm and delicious and you can easily reheat them or eat them cold over the next week if you’re into that sort of thing. Also they make you look like a COOKING EXPERT when they are really the easiest thing ever to create.

– Eggs. Hard boil as many as you’d like to eat, but this recipe is for 4. Boil one extra for the sauce. You’ll also need one raw to dip the eggs into before you coat them in crumb. So that’s six eggs, math experts.

– High quality sausage meat. I buy six pork sausages and six pork and fennel sausages from the Westmere Butcher. I think they have the best meat in town. That’s not a euphemism.

– 1 cup panko crumbs (I blitz these in the food processor but if you want a more crunchy outside, leave them as is)

– Half a container aioli, I prefer fresh like “Just Aioli” in the dip aisle at the supermarket

– Six little gherkins (That sounds like a fairy tale!)

– A tablespoon of capers

– Olive oil

So, this is pretty straight forward. Heat the oven to 180degC. Squeeze all the sausage meat from it’s casing, and mix together with your hands, because it’s easy and fun to get your hands dirty. Take a handful and flatten it on a breadboard into a oval shape. I suggest putting down some glad wrap on the board and doing this on the glad wrap so it doesn’t stick. Take one of your hard boiled eggs and roll it up in the meat. Do this gently so you don’t smoosh the egg, but make sure it’s completely covered because holes will make the meat split when cooking. Depending on how chunky the sausage meat is, will depend on how big your scotch eggs are. Mine end up being quite large. Repeat this with all your eggs, and then dip them in raw egg and roll them in panko crumb. Heat up a fry pan with a good lashing of olive oil and drop these in to brown/fry the outside. Once they are brown, stick in an oven tray and pop into the oven to cook for 15 min.

IMG_4904  IMG_4908  IMG_4912

While the eggs are cooking, make this dip. I tried to recreate it from a dish I ate at Golden Dawn a couple weeks ago, but have no idea if it’s at all similar. It tastes delicious though. It would be weird If I was showing you how to make something that tasted like garbage though, wouldn’t it? Take your last hard boiled egg and mash it up into a bowl. Scoop in your aioli, and mince up gherkins/capers and mix it all in together. That’s it. Yep, super simple. (You could make aioli from scratch but I said this was an easy recipe, so just buy it. “Just Aioli” from NW is $2.99, next to the hummus.)

Have an egg-credible egg recipe? Share below!

If these recipes looks yum to you, check out my personalised cooking classes in Auckland! No matter your cooking experience, I can create  recipes just for you, come to your home with all the ingredients and we can cook together. Because cooking doesn’t have to be hard.

Send me a message for more information, and happy eating!

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  1. I’ve never had a scotch egg in my life but after seeing how easy it is and delicious it looks I’m going to make a point of asking my wife to make me one. Kidding! I’m on it.

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  2. I adore eggs too. I can boil eggs but poaching them is too hard for me. Luckily I married a man who can poach eggs. I like Otaika Valley eggs too. They’re not very common but i’m in love with the adorable illustrations on their box. I’m a fan of Westmere Butchers too. Their meat is great quality and well priced. We used to go once a month and stock the freezer but we haven’t been in a while.

    You should try Chinese Tea Eggs if you haven’t already. They are one of my favourite ways to eat eggs.

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    Westmere Butchers are the bomb. I love the guys and girls behind the counter. Part of me wants to be a butcher but I’m clumsy and the knives are really sharp.

    I will google Chinese Tea eggs! This is unheard of for me, excellent!

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